Monday, March 04, 2013

This is URGENT!! Take Action at Once!!!

I meant to spend the last few weeks beating the drum about this but I put it off, and now the end is near. The deadline for voter registration, if you want to vote in April's election, is Wednesday.

There may not be an election this April where you live, but there will be in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Just like the presidential election of 2012, for Sugar Creek residents and the people who love them, "This will be the most important election of your life!"

So if you live in Sugar Creek, please make sure that you're registered to vote. And if you don't live in Sugar Creek but know somebody who lives there, call them and make sure that they're registered. And tell them to call people, post it on Facebook walls, offer rides... anything short of a bribery to get the unregistered citizens of that community (or any community, for that matter) on the voter rolls and ready to participate in the democratic process the second Tuesday of next month!

Register to vote at City Hall, the License Bureau, any of the Mid-Continent Libraries, the County Courthouse, the Health Department, the Unemployment Office, or Family Services.  Pass this info along at once, please!

And once that's done, sit back and get ready for some REAL politics... an exciting election filled with intrigue and allegations that people will be writing about for years to come (well, Professor Joyboy and I, at any rate).

Stay tuned...


Unknown said...

you are so right , close to 4,000 in town and only 225 make it to voye, please we need all of you, not the click

Unknown said...

I am a 10 year resident and vote every election and I will be there for the polls to vote for a NEW mayor...Time for change in Sugar Creek TOO MANY POLITICS...SAME PEOPLE SAME PROBLEMS. I SUPPORT MATT MALINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!