Sunday, March 31, 2013


I'm sorry to interrupt your Easter, if you're celebrating, but this is really important.

In the race for Sugar Creek mayor, there are three candidates.  Mayor Stan Salva, the 14-year incumbent, is running against successful pharmacist/Independence School Board Vice President Matt Mallinson.  But there's a spoiler in the race named Leonard Fullbright, running for office for the sole purpose of taking votes away from Mallinson.  In an Examiner article last Friday, Fullbright had nothing but good things to say about the job Stan Salva has done as mayor.  Why didn't the Examiner mention that Fullbright has actually filed a civil rights lawsuit against Mayor Salva and the City of Sugar Creek in federal court?  Look:

I haven't found any information on what this case is about, or if it's ever been settled, but how does a person go from suing the City of Sugar Creek to praising the mayor as he's running against him in an election?  And nobody in the press mentions that fact? (Herb Soule is the Chief of Police, by the way)

Please don't let this spoiler steal the election.  The taxpayers of Sugar Creek will be left holding the bag if this case gets settled for a hefty amount should the spoiler deliver this election to the incumbent, unless they already have.  I have no idea where this case stands, but I think voters have a right to know when one candidate is either suing or has sued the other candidate for civil right violations on the taxpayer's dime.

The election is Tuesday.  We only have two days to demand answers about this.  Please inform your Sugar Creek family and friends.  And if you've got a few minutes, here are contact links for the Star and Fox 4 and KMBC and 41 Action News and KCTV and KMBZ or whatever media outlet you think could find out answers about this and let people know.

And if you're celebrating today, I hope you enjoy your holiday.

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