Thursday, September 27, 2012


My professor gets mad when I say mean things about Mitt Romney without balancing the record with criticism of the Obama Adminstration.  He's not a big Romney fan, mind you, and is promising to go into the ballot box only to cast a single vote against Todd Akin this November 6, but once upon a time Professor Ulichne believed in Hope and Change, which was astonishing given his record of favoring Republican candidates and hating all things liberal.

So earlier today while I was looking through my TwitPic stream I came across the photo below from 2008 and kept it up on my computer screen, nostalgic for an era when he and I were of like mind.  When he kindly came and brought lunch today I showed it to him, hoping it would rekindle some of the Hope...

My "hopes" were shot down as soon as he caught sight of the above photograph.  I don't remember what was said during the original tirade of profanity that followed him seeing the picture, but after he returned home he called me with a new quote and asked me to put it on my blog, and for the sake of presumed fairness I will allow him to speak his piece:

"Since then the son of a *bleep* has cost me $150,000 and my will to live!"

End of quote.

He's not exaggerating about the scope of his losses... I blogged about this phenomenon back in 2010.

But since I tend to put the blame for the BP Gulf oil spill more on Halliburton and lax regulation left over from the Bush/Cheney Administration, and since I'm not an oil company shareholder or otherwise tied in with anything resembling the 1%, I continue to hold out *hope* for more *change*, knowing Gov. Romney will only take us back to the same government/energy industry chumminess that got us into this mess in the first place.

So I will try to restore the Professor's "will to live" with some Key Lime Pie and hope for the best.

*Sits back and waits for angry phone call*


Anonymous said...

I wish I could lose $150,000 some day.

FletcherDodge said...

So you're not at all bothered by all of the human rights abuses by the Obama presidency?

I mean, I respect if you're still going to vote for him, but you're not bothered at all?