Wednesday, August 22, 2012

War on Science

Now that it's been confirmed and is fully out in the open, there can be no more denying that the Republican party has, indeed, waged a war on women's health to pander to their right-wing base.  While they were busy not passing a jobs bill or an infrastructure bill or a balanced budget, Republicans in the House and Senate focused on obstructing economic progress by trying to force their Democratic colleagues to cut funding for women's health services.  They were also wasting that time cooking up legislation, often authored and/or co-sponsored by Paul Ryan and Todd Akin, that sought to redefine rape and block access to many forms of birth control.

So it's settled fact that the War on Women is an actual reality. Perhaps America and the world will now be able to recognize that the Republican party of the United States has also been waging a War on Science.  

It's been obvious all along (or should have been), but with Todd "Can't Get Pregnant if it's Legitimate Rape" Akin sitting on the House Science and Technology Committee, we seriously need to look at the way we've been tolerant of those who deny settled scientific principles.  We can no longer afford to giggle about people thinking Jesus Christ and his followers walked with dinosaurs.  Evolution deniers, proponents of abstinence-only public sex education, and especially deniers of global warming must never again be pandered to or taken seriously by anyone seeking to legislate.  Politicians will find out this November that the First Amendment of the Constitution is there to protect us FROM religion and that dogma has no place in political discourse.  It's not a question of religious freedom, it's a serious matter of ignorance impeding progress and causing human suffering. 

No more walking on eggshells to avoid offending a very small right-wing minority who want to halt cancer-curing stem-cell research while turning a blind eye to giant agri-corps that churn out cloned and genetically modified food for the masses without long-term research as to its safety. When Mitt Romney stages photo-ops with grubby coal miners,  we need to turn the dialogue to the good-paying work there could be above-ground in the clean energy industries, if only we could remove these enemies of progress from our political midst. 

Old rich white men that would have a 13 year old girl give birth to her father's child instead of giving her a morning-after pill must be taught there is no room for them in Washington or any state capitol anywhere.  Mark my word, in 11 weeks the people of America will send this message to all would-be leaders, and to the world.

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Xavier Onassis said...

Standing and applauding! I couldn't have said it better myself! Well done!