Thursday, March 19, 2015

Crosby Kemper's Library Woes

   Crosby Kemper III took 100 teenagers to Jefferson City to protest $6 million in cuts to Missouri's public library systems, and he was shocked and surprised when he and the kids were booted out of Governor Jay Nixon's office.  On Facebook he blamed it on the "the notion that we were slightly critical and not whispering was too much."

   It's too bad he and his 100 "non-whispering" teenagers weren't in Jefferson City raising a ruckus when Republicans in the legislature slashed taxes for wealthy Missourians to the tune of $621 million last year, a budget that Jay Nixon vetoed but Republicans over-rode. 

   In fact, Crosby Kemper III and his buddy, Tax Cut King Rex Sinquefield, head up the "Show Me Institute,"  a supposedly non-partisan (though pretty much wholly Republican) "grass-roots" organization that fights hard for lower taxes and "free market solutions," and lobbies hard for the kinds of tax cuts that are now costing Kemper's library at least $100,000 of its funding.

  Perhaps Mr. Kemper can find a free market solution to his library problem... or maybe he could quit supporting the Republicans that bring us these heinous budgets that benefit only wealthy folk like himself and his tax cut king friends.  But it makes better press to take 100 teenagers into a government office and then be "shocked" when they're asked to take a hike because they are disrupting an office not equipped to handle 100 non-whispering teenagers, being tasked as they are with balancing a budget that's $621 million thinner, thanks to the tax cuts that Crosby Kemper himself personally fought for.  I wonder how many of the 100 "non whispering teenagers" were aware of that fact.

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