Monday, November 05, 2012

Romney and the Second Coming of Christ

Many people know I support President Obama for re-election because I believe in moving forward, and not backward to the Republican policies that got us into this mess.

But as a Judeo-Christian who has lost many loved ones to death over the years, one thing I have always looked forward to is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and to the Resurrection.  This was before I heard Mitt Romney say that when Christ returns, my OWN HOME STATE will be a seat of power.  Watch:

Romney says Jesus will reign from Missouri and Jerusalem.  But before Jesus (and my lost loved ones) can return, first there has to be a big war in Israel where people are trying to kill the Jews.  Since Romney is considering bombing Iran, a Romney presidency practically makes war in Israel a given. As much as I want to see my lost loved ones, I am opposed to any and all wars, and as much as I miss my dead friends and relatives, I don't want others to suffer and die just so I can be with them again, when they're in a much better place to begin with.

So with Romney as president, the odds of "the end of the world as we know it" go up dramatically.

A Romney presidency also guarantees the end of Medicare as we know it, the end of Social Security as we know it, and the end of health care reform as we know it.  But he might be able to bring about the Second Coming and bring the reign of Christ to MY HOMETOWN, but...

What if he starts a war in Israel, and it's not "the war" that brings Jesus back?  It seems risky...

So if Obama wins, I'll be glad that as a nation we'll be able to move forward, in spite of the inevitable Lewinsky-like impeachment distractions that will arise from a second Obama term, but if Romney wins the odds of being with my lost loved ones again will skyrocket.  It's almost enough to move me to the "undecided" column... but not quite.  I'll vote for the candidate that wants to heal the planet, not the one that wants to destroy it.

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Excuse my French but the Book of Mormon has some weird crap in it.