Friday, October 12, 2012

Everyone Should Have an Einstein

Since I was very young I always thought of Professor Ulichne as "my very own Einstein".  By sheer coincidence, my dear friend David also has HIS very own Einstein, except that David's Einstein was actually the real Albert Einstein (one of a thousand+  interesting facts about my friend, and I'm learning more each day).

This morning,  David sent me a school newspaper article he wrote back in the sixth grade, and I loved it! He gave me permission to share it with you, exactly as he wrote it.   I learned a couple of tid-bits about the Father of Modern Physics that I may have never found out otherwise.  Enjoy!




    Before I met Einstein I just
thought of him as a very famous
mathematician. The reason he is so
famous is the fact that he is the
author of the Theory of Relativity.
He said anyone who knows higher
mathematics and physics should be
able to understand his theory-

    This summer I was up in a place
Near Saranac Lake.  Einstein was
in Saranac Lake also.  He came over
to visit my father a lot.  Once he
came over and showed us a trick called
the 64 = 65.  He showed how you could
change 64 to 65.

    Einstein is very interesting and
he talks about all kinds of subjects.
Ten years ago Einstein won the Nobel
prize for scientific work.  He has
a German accent which is hard to
understand sometimes.

    There is a church in New York
City which is called the Riverside
Church. John D. Rockefeller Jr.
gave the money for it.  There are
statues of some of the greatest men
that lived.  Einstein is the only
living person who has a statue there.

    I discovered that Einstein did
not wear any socks.  He is on a diet
and every time he came to our house
he ate oatmeal without sugar and cream.

    In the winter time he lives in
Princeton.  He does not teach, but
he does research work.

                                David B.

    NOTE dated October 11, 2012:  The article appeared as above.

    NOTE that Einstein did not wear any socks.  THAT really impressed me!


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