Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Speech HAS Been Chilled

Will Boss Wright get away with chilling free speech? It's effecting me directly.

This is the problem I'm having... All day I've wanted to go on my blog and detail the misgivings people have about Louie Wright, and I feel like I can't.  If I do, and a link shows up in TKC's sidebar, will it get him in trouble?  Will it violate the terms of the settlement if I say how I feel in the comments of his other posts on his blog?  I'm literally afraid to write what I feel.

Free speech has been chilled... I'm very sorry I didn't make better effort$ to help Tony fight this for my own sake.

But when the smoke clears, people will tell their stories.  And along with all the misgivings (and there are many), the fact that this "powerful union boss" put a damper on Free Speech in Kansas City is what his legacy will be.  When people remember Louie Wright, they will remember that about him.  People today writing what will be this town's history for future generations will make sure of that.


Hyperblogal said...

I kind of take a different view. I believe there is a need for fairness in any kind of exposition on a person or a piece that references that person. A simple call for comment and the posting of that comment with the video/piece would have added balance to an unverified charge that (to me at least) seemed far-fetched at best. Free speech obligates each of us to use it wisely and with a balanced approach that doesn't vilify someone or thing with suspect information. An incident like this doesn't as much weaken free speech as it clarifies the responsibilities that go with it.

L A Little said...
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L A Little said...

Eh, I deleted what I just wrote. I don't even feel safe commenting on my own blog


Anonymous said...

Abracadabra, Louie Wright is now a wonderful person. Money changes everything.