Friday, September 16, 2011

Warm Smiles

Step One: Say this over and over again, until you know it by heart:


Say it over and over until you memorize it. BTW, it's "Hello" in Korean.

Step Two: Practice saying this faster, until you can say the whole thing in 1 second.

Step Three: Go to the Cornerside Market in Sugar Creek, Missouri


and with a slight nod say this to the gentleman or lady standing behind the counter (Mr. and/or Mrs. Kim). They will greet you with the warmest smile you've probably seen in ages.

BONUS POINTS: After your transaction is completed, a quickly spoken (1 second) "Kahm-Sa-Hahm-Nee-Dah" (Thank you) will bring another happy reaction.

DOUBLE BONUS POINTS: As you're walking out, a 1.5 second, "On-Yong-Hee-Kah-Say-Yo" will make you feel happy about bringing cheer to people who have worked hard all their lives to achieve the American Dream. You can probably guess what that above saying means.

If you want to take the converstion further, visit the YouTube channel of this handsome Korean guy. You can learn alot from watching him.

Word of Caution: Do not exceed the posted speed limit in Sugar Creek unless you are from there and are chummy with the local law enforcement. They've got a multi-million dollar Police and Fire Station to pay for, built on anticipated tax revenues from a shopping center that never materialized.