Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kindle Your Blog

I notice that none of my favorite local blogs are available on Amazon's Kindle, so I'd like to offer you this opportunity to be read by a wider audience and maybe earn some royalties as well.

How to get your blog on Kindle:

First, go to the website below and get yourself a Kindle publisher's account.  You'll need one even if you already have an Amazon account, but you'll need to use a different password.


You'll need a screenshot of your blog that is 800x600 pixels at least.  If you don't know how to do that, hold your Ctrl key down and press the button on the top right of your keyboard that says, "Print Screen".  That will copy a picture of your site.  Then go into a graphics program like Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc., and paste it.  You might want to crop out the address bar, etc. Save that picture; that's your screenshot.  Make sure it's under 1 MB.

Next, you'll need a Masthead that will show on the top of your blog when it's read on Kindle.  It needs to be no larger than 430x50 pixels.  Kindle is viewed in black & white (grayscale) so you won't need for this to be in color.  If you need help with this, email me and I'll hook you up  :)

Then, at the Kindle publishing site, log in and click the button that says, "Add Blog".  Enter your blog's RSS feed and the information requested about your blog, upload your screenshot and your masthead, click "Save", and then publish your blog.  It might take a couple of days to get it listed on Amazon.

And there you go!  Promote your Kindle blog with on your website with your Amazon Associates ID included, and you can earn a commission on anything your subscriber may also purchase while at Amazon.  It's a win/win, and certainly worth try.


Donna. W said...

When I click to upload pictures, nothing happens. Perhaps it's because I'm on a Mac, but I did use Firefox for Mac.

Jessica Logsdon said...

Check out the new Occupy KC Journal in support of the occupy movement and the evolution of art in America, we would love to know your thoughts about us Leigh Ann.