Thursday, June 03, 2010

Go to Father

An obscure old poem that I stumbled upon:

"Go to Father!" she said
When I asked her to wed,
And she knew that I knew
That her father was dead,
And she knew that I knew
What a life he had led,
So she knew that I knew
What she meant when she said,
"Go to Father!"


Ourbelovednation said...

This poem may never had surfaced again without your blog and is still little known

Brainnake said...

I learnt it from Mam60+years ago and, curiously, just looked for it to check the correct wording.
As I learnt it - it was "he" NOT "I" and "she knew that he knew the bad life he had led."

Sada Swirl said...

What is this from?!?! I found this in a letter from my great grandparents.....trying to understand why they sent it to me years ago..........