Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kansas City Will Forget You, Too.

When I found out from some other town's newspaper that Rabbi Lieberman died in Kansas City on March 15, 1933, I thought the hard part was over. It didn't occur to me that I'd have to spend hours staring at a microfilm machine searching in vain through Kansas City's three leading newspapers for a biographical obituary of KC's second Rabbi. Finally I found a paragraph in the death notices of the Kansas City Times, to their credit. To their discredit, they gave six paragraphs that day to a domesticated squirrel that had been shot the day previous.

I was pretty disappointed in the Journal Post, as The Journal was called after Colonel Van Horn died (another forgotten Kansas City Great... I've not met one Van Horn graduate that knew a thing about the man) and the company he founded merged with the sleazy Kansas City Post. The only thing about the Journal Post to remind a person of The Journal twenty some years earlier was the presence of Ed Cochrane, Sports Writer.

Edw. W. Cochrane's Sports Column

The man never aged, it seems. How many remember that guy?

So what was Kansas City all excited about the day the good Rabbi was laid to rest?

Beer, of course.