Friday, September 04, 2009

How to Spot a Communist

-or- Government Indoctrination for the Prevention of Being Indoctrinated by Political Ideals that Don't Reflect Right-Wing Thinking

This is the kind of goverment propaganda that today's grandparents and great-grandparents were indoctrinated with in their classrooms. Spot the anti-KKK and the anti-war signs at :55 that could alert a person to the Communistic tendencies of the ones carrying them.

*shakes head* Communists don't even support "family life".

But there was even more reason to teach children to fear people who support workers, peace, and civil rights...

Because if they didn't, they might have ended up like this poor turtle:

Make sure and check 2:10 of the video above to grasp the full horror of the threat.

Now we are being asked to stand by and let school children of America be indoctrinated about learning and achieving by the President of the United States, of all people, a known supporter of working people and minorities. The Administration has a lot of nerve wanting to let the "leader of the free world" communicate with young minds in our classrooms.

Maybe if Obama just stands there and doesn't say much, parents on the right will be okay with it. Hopefully the nation won't be attacked while it's happening this time.

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