Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here's an obscure old poem titled "Possession", penned by 19th Century poet Owen Meredith. Read the whole thing, 'cause it's pretty funny:

A poet loved a star,
And whispered to it nightly,
"Being so fair, why art thou love so far,
Or why so coldly shine who shinest so brightly?
Oh beauty woo'd and unpossessed,
Oh might I to this beating breast
But clasp thee once and then die blessed?"

That star, her poet's love,
So wildly warm, made human,
And leaving for his sake her heaven above,
His star stoop'd earthward and became a woman.
"Thou who hast woo'd and hast possessed,
My lover, answer, which is best.
The star's beam or the woman's breast?"

"I miss from heaven," the man replied,
"A light that drew my spirit to it."
And to the man the woman sigh'd,
"I miss from Earth a poet."

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