Friday, November 07, 2008

Hero of the Day

A million thanks and congratulations to the winner of the 2008 Blogger Voter Registration Challenge, Hip Suburban White Guy, Space Aficionado, and nefarious bon vi'vant and raconteur, Xavier Onassis. Between the two of us, no less than 1,083 United States citizens registered to vote through the Rock the Vote project from our sites, and I'm proud that we could be a part of a movement that registered more than 2.5 million voters nationwide.

[The second paragraph of this glowing tribute about how sexy the man is had to be censored]

So thank you, XO, for being the only blogger kind enough to help me on my quest to bring non-voters into the political process, for publishing one of the most kick-ass blogs on the internet, and for letting me call you my friend.

The rest of y'all could learn a lot from that guy.

~*Peace Out*~

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