Friday, August 01, 2008

I Think Bruce Ivins was Murdered

I'm just going to say it, I'm not buying the story about the supposed "suicide" of microbiologist Bruce Ivins, the *new* anthrax killer. We've been down this road before.

They say the man was about to be indicted for the anthrax killings that followed the September 11 attacks. A central character in an important national security drama, but once again

Remember when Enron executive Cliff Baxter supposedly killed himself right before he was supposed to testify?

I smelled a rat all the way from Missouri when I found out there would be no autopsy. Then when they quickly rushed an autopsy, I made a web page about the circumstances surrounding the autopsy and the coroner who performed it.

It wasn't the only suicide that drew my suspicion. Not long after I built the page about Funeralgate, a central figure in that scandal was alleged to have committed suicide, too. On this account I built the page "Suicidal Coincidences".

It wasn't long after this that UK weapons expert David Kelly, who was said to have had doubts about the threat of Saddam Hussein's "Weapons of Mass Destruction", supposedly committed suicide by slashing his wrist. The investigation into his death was a sham and a cover-up.

Now comes the "anthrax killer" who will never be given a trial by jury. "Case closed! It was him! We caught the Anthrax Killer!"

As proof of his "homicidal mania" they're circulating this affidavit filed by a "counselor" ("It must be true! A counselor said it!") that's supposed to be proof positive that the guy was a nut case. After all, he became depressed after the goverment started trying to systematically drive him crazy.

But look at the document itself. Especially page two.

Now, I don't have the best penmanship or grammar skills, but for a supposed professional preparing an important legal document, the sloppiness and lack of punctuation in this affidavit seems inexcusable. I couldn't have turned in a homework assignment that looked like that.

And I'm no handwriting expert, especially as it pertains to a person's psychiatric makeup, but what would an expert say about a person's writing that slants sometimes this way, sometimes that, lapses into print from time to time, seems to have no respect for margins and line-spacing, etc. If I got a love letter that looked like that I'd start sleeping with one eye open and get an even bigger dog.

So I'm not buying it. I was suspicious about the government's role in the anthrax killings even before they tried to set up Steven Hatfill. Now they're going to say "Case closed!" and we're all supposed to assume that Bruce Ivins was the anthrax killer who targeted the media and liberal politicians and terrified the nation in the horrifying days following the September 11 attacks. No trial, no autopsy, case closed.

Tell the media to demand an investigation. Bombard them with emails. It's easy at the link above.

And if you ever hear that Leigh Ann Little has committed suicide, NEVER, EVER BELIEVE IT. If it happens to me, see the paragraph above this one.

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