Wednesday, March 26, 2008


According to the Centers for Disease Control,
"Every year, cancer claims the lives of more than half a million Americans"
Doing the math, that's roughly 1370 every day.

That's like a September 11 here in America every 2 1/2 days or so.

A lot of people think it's okay that we spend $195 million dollars every day to fight the war in Iraq because of what happened on September 11.

And although most Americans have not suffered the loss of family members on account of September 11 (with the exception of the ever-growing list of families affected by Iraq war casualties), for five years now we've been blowing up people in Iraq and Afghanistan on account of the September 11 attacks.

But where's the outrage over the 500,000 cancer deaths every year?

While people are supporting of the war on brown people who have never harmed them, their friends and family members are dying right and left of cancer at the rate of a September 11th every two-and-a-half days, and nobody's shouting for vengeance and justice from the HMOs that deny cancer surgery (like they did my cousin Jimmy). Nobody's baying for the blood of pharmaceutical companies that price cancer drugs so high that even families with insurance are bankrupted in the fight for their lives, and that taxpayers and insurance policy holders are soaked to the gills for the rest.

But in the election of 2008, my "conservative" friends keep insisting that the most important issue facing America today is either "Islamic fundamentalism" or the immigration "crisis". Brown people, they say, are the biggest dangers.

They aren't. Cancer is.

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